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Akeyi is here for everyone from anyone who loves to eat outside to businesses who wish to provide the best customer experience.

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Akeyi Features

Our QR code accessible menu will help you make better taste decisions, the menu is up to date with the daily specials, and is available in your language of choice.

Easy To Use

Just install, open the camera to scan the QR code and let the magic begin

Faster Service

No need to wait for the waiter, just use Akeyi


Rate and your food and service from your smartphone

Resource Management

Do more with less staff, give better waiter experience to your customers

Language Support

Language is not a barries anymore, get your menu in multiple languages

Digital Menu

Get the latest menu with up to date treats and daily specials with a scan

Growing Partners

Our partners are growing everyday across the globe


Get the best dishes rated from the chef him/herself

Wait Less

You are going to wait less without a doubt with Akeyi

Queue management app

Kitchen application for chef and managers


Create your menu by yourself and view reports

Chef specialized menu

Custom menu options

About Us

We are a group of hospitality professionals who expertise in the running of smooth ,effective, profitable business with 100+ years of cumulative experience . We have seen problems faced by the industry first hand and been part of the resolution team . We are a hospitality company called AKEYI hospitality experts with an in-house IT wing called GIS Axiom.

We have worked in multinational hotels as well as luxurious cruise liners . Travelling around the globe and having worked all around the world with different mind sets and closely observing operations and concepts in different countries has made us competent in this market with research and analytical data. The busy Kitchen and F&B operations for decades helped us in understanding the nuances which come across the industry of all sizes

We have done years of research on how to overcome these hurdles with the help of technology. Akeyi is a such product in that direction which will help to enhance the communication further among the Food and Beverage team providing a digital platform and automate the operations making life simple and yet deliverable and classy.

More about akeyi

What is Akeyi?

Akeyi is a human resource operational solution for the hospitality industry, Akeyi works as a digital waiter and digital menu.

How Does It Help The Hoteliers And The Hospitality Industry?

Akeyi is a smartphone app which works as a Digital waiter for your restaurant and reduces the food and beverage manning and staffing cost by up to 40%. Akeyi comes with a digital menu of your restaurants and gets directly displayed to the customers mobile. With Akeyi you can Increase the productive working hours of employees. Reduce time of the orders traveling from kitchen to the guest.

Who All Can Use The App?

As far as the app is concerned, there are three parts of the application but only two parts of the application can be accessed publicly.

There is the Akeyi app, the app which customers can download and use it for streamlining the experience of going to a restaurant and ordering a food just by scanning our QR code placed at the restaurant.

Then there is Akeyi’s Kitchen app, this app can be downloaded by the people staffing the kitchen to cut down on wait time for the customers and better manage waiters working for the kitchen.

In the end, there is the backend of the Akeyi app which on the web platform, from here managers and decision makers within the restaurant can get insights into the daily workings of the kitchen and the wait staff. Generate bills, daily or weekly reports and more. The menu can be changed and edited from the backend app, all changes take immediately as well.

Does Akeyi do food delivery?

No, as of right now we don't do food delivery. But it can be used for take away orders, but the restaurant may add more fields about contact information if they choose to.

Can the guest ask for a special request through the app?

Yes, customers can ask for special requests as the menu has a modifier button for special requests


All your questions are answered, please feel free to send your questions across to us.

No, currently our app does not come with a intergrated payment gateway option. But in the future updates, we might be adding payment gateways. However as of now, the restaurants now using our application can send their payment over internet options to make payments for a cashless payments experience.

Customers can get an idea of the bill from the cart itself, the option for displaying detailed pricing is left to the wishes of the individual hotels and restaurants as of now.

Yes, customers can make extra orders by scanning the QR code again.

Yes, from the Restaurant back end , Admin can view and generate the daily reports of different metrics.

No, currently our app does not permit customers to order food from home. A customer has to be in the restaurant to order food. But in the future, we may have a preorder button where the customer can view the menu without scanning and make it a food take away.

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No, we don't do food delivery in any capacity. Even though the QR code can be generated for nearby offices and apartments and if the outlets are willing to do the delivery it can be done.

For cancelling our subscription a hotel can just send a mail to our mail ID. And, if they are cancelling the product within 30 days of purchase there will be a full refund.

It's not an issue as staff manning our backend app at the establishment can Table swap/transfer which is available in the backend

You can request the waiter in person for any changes, the order change will be reflected in the app as well, if the hotel management is willing.

We are not into food delivery and commission business, we provide solutions which automates the F&B kitchen operation.

Our app is a one time purchase, and if you are not satisfied with our service we can refund the amount in 30 days of purchase.

The changes to order can be accepted or rejected from the backend.

You always don't have to use our app to order, you can always call a waiter in person too but you may have to wait a lot, that's all.

Waiters can use their mobile for scanning and ordering too, and most establishment do come with their wifi too.

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The traditional way of orders will be available for the customer, and will take more time when compared with using our app.

Yes, customers can ask for special requests as the menu has a modifier button for special requests.

Our concept is to reduce paper and go digital, if the restaurant operations demand a printed KOT, a Wifi printer can be installed in the kitchen.

No presently we don't have a chair sequence system, but our research and development team is working on it, and will be available in the future updates.

Yes, from the Restaurant back end , Admin can view and generate the daily reports of different metrics.

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What our clients says !!

What makes akeyi unique

We are different from the QR code menu provided in the market. We provide a QR code-based solution for hotels. Which automates the operational difficulties faced by the hospitality industry. Our market analysis says that we are unique from any other companies in the market. We are 5 steps ahead of any companies offering similar services.

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